The new iOS 17 and iPhone 15 rumors are “not true”

Apple Insidera website that exclusively covers Apple news, says that the rumors that have been published in recent weeks focusing on the iPhone 15 and the iOS 17 operating system are “fake and false” and their main source goes back to the Twitter account (LeaksApplePro), which has a good history of disclosing information. does not have.

At the time when the iPhone 12 was not announced, LeaksApplePro claimed to be present at a secret event in Apple Park that was related to the new Apple flagship phone. All the information that LeaksApplePro revealed about the iPhone 12 turned out to be wrong.

Mark Garmanthe respected analyst of the Bloomberg publication, confirming the statements of the Apple Insider, says that what LeaksApplePro claimed about the new generation of iPhone is not true.

Last year, LeaksApplePro made many false claims centered on the iPhone 14 and the new Mac Pro computer generation. One day before the MacBook Pro 2023 unveiling on December 27th, LeaksApplePro said that this laptop will not be unveiled until the end of March.

LeaksApplePro said last week that iOS 17 will not bring many visual changes and will focus more on stability enhancements and support for mixed reality headsets. Also, this source claimed that the Music, Mail, Files, and Reminders applications in iOS 17 will host minor appearance changes.

LeaksApplePro also claimed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have more advanced image processing software and a better cooling system than the iPhone 15 Pro.

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