The new Intel i7-12800H processor outperformed the Apple M1 Max in the new benchmark

Last month, the results of the Intel Core i7-12800H benchmark from the Alderlick series tested on the high-end AORUS 15 YE4GB laptop showed better performance than the Intel i7-11800H and AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900HX.

The new AlderLike series processor has now appeared in the Geekbench benchmark and the results of three tests on a gaming laptop Razor Blade 15 Done, it indicates a much higher score of this processor compared to last month’s benchmark.

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Given that the Core i7-12800H mobile processor uses 14 cores and 20 threads, and Apple’s M1 Max, the beating heart of the MacBook Pro 2021, uses 10 cores and 10 strings, it is obvious that with these specifications, the M1 Max chip is better than the i7- 12800H be weaker; However, comparing NotebookCheck from two processors yielded interesting results.

The performance score of the M1 Max chip in the Geekbench benchmark was 1773 and in the multi-core section it was 12636. In this month’s benchmark for the i7-12800H, CPU performance in the single-core and multi-core sections was measured at 1791 and 12541, respectively. According to the results, the Apple processor outperformed the i7-12800H in the + 0.76% multi-core segment, but the Intel processor outperformed the Apple chip in the +0.02% single-core segment.

Although the new Intel processor has received significant scores in various benchmarks, it should also be noted that it uses more cores and strings than the M1 Max. Thermal efficiency is another issue that should be considered. In fact, one of the advantages of Apple’s latest chip over Intel processors is that it offers remarkable performance in exchange for lower power consumption.

Benchmark Comparison of performance of the i7-12800H with the eight-core Ryzen 9 5900HX processor showed a +69.18% superiority over the single-core AlderLick chip. In the multi-core segment, the results were even better for the Intel processor, showing a 54.66% advantage over the AMD processor.

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The Intel i7-12800H processor is part of the Alder Lake-P series, designed for laptops and uses the hybrid architecture of twelfth-generation chips for both high-performance and low-power cores. Therefore, it is not surprising that this processor performs better than the Ryzen 9 5900HX and i7-11800H 11th generation Tiger Lake chips.

The single-core and multi-core performance improvements of this processor in the two benchmarks of last month and this month can not be ignored, which shows a difference of 8.28% and 30.39% in single and multi-core scores, respectively. In this month’s benchmark, the i7-12800H reached a maximum frequency of 3690 MHz with the help of 32 GB of DDR5 RAM.

The results of several other benchmarks show that Intel Alder Lake-P series chips will perform more than 30% better than previous generations; For example, the i7-12700H outperforms the Ryzen 7 5700H processor and can run almost 50% faster than Apple’s M1 Max chip. On the other hand, the Alder Lake-P series Core i7-12700H laptop processor performed much better in multi-core operation than the Ryzen 5900HX.

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