The new Google Chrome update fixes the dangerous vulnerability of this browser

Google has just released a new security update for Chrome that fixes the browser’s zero-day vulnerability. This security issue apparently affects Windows, Mac, and Android versions of Google Chrome and may lead to arbitrary code execution (ACE) attacks. This indicates that the security issue in question is serious and therefore we recommend you to update Chrome immediately.

Google says hackers have exploited a security flaw in Chrome. The company has not yet released full details about the security flaw, saying it will make the details available after most users have installed the new update. According to Google, the most dangerous bug in Chrome that will be fixed by the new update It is called CVE-2022-2294. This update also fixes bugs CVE-2022-2295 and CVE-2022-2296.

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According to what Digital Trends writes, despite the fact that we don’t have much information about the bug, hackers have managed to find a way to exploit it. Experts say that a hacker can theoretically gain access to your personal computer through ACE attacks through this security flaw.

This is the fourth Chrome zero-day vulnerability in 2022, and it seems that hackers’ efforts to penetrate users’ systems through Google’s popular browser have increased.

To install the latest Chrome update, first click on the three-dot menu and then enter the About Google Chrome page through the Help section. In most cases, after entering this page, the download of the new Chrome update will start automatically. After downloading and installing the update, you need to close and reopen Chrome.

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world and many users are using it. Google is always trying to increase the security of Chrome users with new security systems, but hackers always find a way to exploit vulnerabilities. CVE-2022-2294 is not the first dangerous Chrome vulnerability, and it certainly won’t be the last. To increase security, we recommend that you always keep the device’s operating system and all applications up to date.

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