The new generation of Nintendo console will probably be released in 2024

Many were waiting for the introduction of the very powerful and mid-range Nintendo Switch; But apparently Nintendo had another plan in mind. The Japanese company went to launch the Nintendo Switch Old; A new model that is definitely not up to the expectations of many audiences about the Nintendo Switch Pro, and at the same time its improvements can not be ignored compared to the normal switch. Now a well-known member of the Ampere analytics team predicts that the Pro switch will not be available at all, and instead we will see the arrival of a new generation Nintendo console in 2024.

The switch generation was such a huge success that the memories of the Wii U failure It faded and now everyone knows Nintendo as a powerful company. The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, breaking sales of 90 million consoles. Pierce Hardingers, Head of Team Video Game Research Ampere Analysis estimates that by 2122, approximately 21 million Nintendo Switch devices will be sold; Not only is the OLED model attractive to many customers right now; In the coming months, we will see the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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In an analytical forecast, Harding Rolls points out that with about 21 million Nintendo Switch sales, the Nintendo console will be the best-selling gaming console in 2022. Explaining his prediction, he said that based on Ampere’s understanding of the market situation, the new generation Nintendo Switch console will be launched in 2024, and as a result, the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro will be meaningless for this generation.

The Japanese market accounts for a significant portion of the switch’s successful sales. The Nintendo special console is very popular in this country and many people use it for fun. A few days ago, Famitsu released a report on the sale of more than 5 million Nintendo Switch consoles in 2021 in the Japanese market. Meanwhile, sales of the PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series reached about 950,000 and 100,000 consoles, respectively.

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