The new feature of Android 13 allows the separation of personal and work data

Android 13 provides a new feature that allows users to easily separate personal and work files and data. The new feature of Android 13 is designed with the aim of improving the user experience for using a device to perform work tasks along with playing games and entertainment.

According to the report in Google blog has been released, the Work Profiles section of Android 13 has been redesigned based on last year’s improvements to separate employee personal data from work data, thus creating a better and more productive user experience while still adhering to company IT management policies. adhere to

In fact, the new feature in Android 13 allows employees to specify which application should be open in the work or personal profile by default and with specific settings. For example, Google says this feature can be useful for keeping corporate and work videos out of a personal watchlist on YouTube.

Additionally, people can have two separate photo galleries on the same device: one for personal images and one for work photos. This separation makes the process of sharing photos and data in general easier in personal and work applications.

Also, Android 13 offers the ability to convert speech to smart text in work profile applications for Pixel phone users, which according to Google, its task is to separate specialized terms used in work emails from personal conversations.

Not to mention, another feature allows employees to easily manage device security and privacy settings and see what data has been shared with company technology managers and what restrictions have been enabled in device settings.

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Additionally, company technology managers will have more control over Wi-Fi connections on devices, Wi-Fi security reports, Bluetooth, and passwords in line with National Information Assurance Partnership rules. However, there are still other features in the “coming soon” state of the Android 13 feature list. For example, the Lost Mode feature allows the network administrator to locate or access company-owned devices that have been stolen or lost.

Additionally, intelligent network management enables work data to be automatically encrypted if an employee opens their personal profile on the company’s Wi-Fi network. Also, employees can manage messages and notifications and personal images on their phones with complete security on official company devices.

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