The new Eufy alarm uses two cameras to protect your home

One of the problems with camera alarms is their blind spot, which can be exploited by profiteers. Now Eufy, the Anker smart home brand, is trying to solve the biggest problem of this device by adding new options to it. Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual It has two cameras; The first camera 4K It is for taking pictures of the face and body of the visitors and is located on top of it. ‌ But the second focus is on the packages that are placed in the tail; For this reason, it has a lower quality (1080p) and its position is at the bottom of the alarm. The company introduced another product this week. At CES 2022, Eufy unveiled its new garage camera, which can be used as a controller in the garage at the same time.

Alarm on two Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual cameras

According to Varge, installing two cameras in a doorbell is an interesting idea that can also help secure the living space. In normal camera tones, you are shown an image that does not have a specific focus on the face or tail packages. But in the new Eufy product This is not the case. So far, profiteers have taken advantage of this weakness and stolen custom packages installed in homes, but if most people buy the company’s new camera alarm, it will be harder for thieves.

Ring on the dual doorbell

Of course, the $ 350 Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is not the first attempt by companies to make dual-camera ringtones. Kuna Maximus Answer has the same feature. The main difference is the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual It is the first “battery” bell to do this, and previous models all used cables to receive power. Also the camera The 1080p down has a 120-degree field of view, while the 2K camera can cover up to 160 degrees. Alarm in Eufy Uses artificial intelligence to detect packets, family members and friends. In general, this product is completely up-to-date and can meet most of the users’ needs.

In addition to dual cameras, the alarm on Eufy, according to the manufacturer It has dual motion detection sensors. In fact, to reduce false alarms, Video Doorbell Dual uses radar and PIR technology to detect people and their movements.

Like all Eufy cameras, there is no need to purchase a monthly subscription to use this gadget. When paired with the Eufy hub, it offers 16GB of local storage and enough space for 90 days of video recording.

Eufy Dual It lasts for six months with each charge, but battery life is likely to decline in the long run. Of course, if a lot of people come to your house, the battery may run out two months earlier. The addition of a second camera can have a significant impact on battery life. Battery-operated previous Eufy doorbells can also be used wired.

Eufy Dual works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart home platforms and is scheduled to be released on February 8, 2022.

Eufy Security Garage-Control Cam And Cam Plus

Other new products introduced this week are Eufy Security Garage-Control Cam And They are Cam Plus. These are integrated garage control and monitoring devices that can be used to open and close the garage remotely as well as visually inspect the environment inside.

Garage-Control Cam

Garage-Control Cam 1080p video Delivers and can control only one door. while The Cam Plus has 2K video, but can control up to two doors at the same time. Both are paired with sensors to detect its status, and an alert message is sent to the user if they forget to close it. Some details on how these two products work are not yet known and we will have to wait longer to find out more about them.

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Like other controllers in the garage, the Garage-Control Cam It also lets you open and close your garage remotely using the app or voice control. also Eufy It has a geofencer detection option, so you can set the door to open or close when entering or leaving the house.

Both devices can differentiate between humans, vehicles and public movement using artificial intelligence and do not require an Eufy hub. It also provides 32GB of local storage using an SD card for video recording at no monthly cloud storage cost. These cameras also support 24-hour continuous recording.

The Garage-Control Cam (1080P / single-door control) is $ 99 and the Garage-Control Cam Plus (2K / dual-door control) is $ 129; Both are also expected to be released in March this year.

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