The new copy feature in Android 13 shows passwords; How to fix this problem?

The texts copied in the Android clipboard memory were private until the release of version 13 of this operating system. Needless to say, the copy system of previous versions of Android was not completely satisfactory; For this reason, Google unveiled a new copy feature in version 13. Now when you select a piece of text, a bubble displaying the text string will appear in the bottom left of the screen, this includes passwords.

to report PCWorldAndroid 13 requires developers to mark text as sensitive to keep copied information private; Otherwise, the operating system will assume that the copied text is plain, and in this case, it will even display passwords. Some of the smartphone password management tools have not yet provided a new update to be compatible with this feature, and this issue can reduce the level of security for users.

The problem of the new Android 13 copy system does not affect all users; Because phones using versions other than stock Android (like Samsung phones) will probably behave differently. The original version of Android 13, which we see on the Pixel series phones, does not allow the user to disable the new copy function.

Fortunately, there are solutions to fix the problem of displaying copied passwords in Android 13. In fact, you have two methods to solve this problem, both of which are very easy to use.

Method 1: Give your password manager program auto-fill permission

To activate this feature, open the Settings app on your Android phone, then search for Autofill and select Autofill service. In the next step, you need to select your password manager program from the available options.

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