The new Asus Zenbook series laptop is produced with the unannounced Ryzen 7 7730U processor

The Turkish branch of Asus has made the posters of the latest Zenbook series laptops available and has announced that the new Zenbook 14 generation is the first Asus laptop with a processor. It will be AMD Ryzen 7 7730U. This laptop class processor uses Zen 3 architecture. For now, the exact specifications of this processor have not been announced.

We already knew that AMD was working on new Ryzen 5 7640U, Ryzen 5 7630U, Ryzen 5 7520U, and Ryzen 3 7420U laptop processors, but we had never heard of the Ryzen 7 7730U. The Ryzen 5 7630U and Ryzen 7 7730U processors will rely on Vega (for the GPU unit) and Zen 3 (for the CPU unit) architectures, the Ryzen 5 7640U will use the RDNA 3 and Zen 4 architectures, and the Ryzen 5 7520U and Ryzen 3 processors 7420U will be built on RDNA 2 and Zen 2 architectures.

Official posters of the new Asus Zenbook with AMD processor

Based on the writing WccftechThe new Asus Zenbook 14 laptop also has an integrated graphics unit in its chip and uses a 1TB PCIe Gen 3.0 SSD storage drive. This laptop will have 16 GB of RAM and WiFi 6E. The new Zenbook series laptop will have a 14.5-inch 2.5K display with a brightness of 400 nits.

It seems that Asus plans to produce other configurations of the new Zenbook 14 laptop with Ryzen 5000 series processors. These configurations will have a lower price.

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