The mystery of Leonardo da Vinci’s mother is finally solved

Was Leonardo da Vinci’s mother, Caterina, a slave from the Caucasus Mountains in Central Asia? This is the last hypothesis about the identity of the genius mother of the Renaissance era. There have been countless hypotheses about this mysterious woman who has been largely lost to history. Now, with the new hypothesis, we will witness an old debate heating up again among experts on Da Vinci’s life and works.

Erztechnika website Carlo Veche, a historian, author and professor of Italian literature at the University of Oriental Naples in southern Italy, showed reporters a previously unknown document he had recently discovered at a news conference on Tuesday. This document was the basis of Carlo Veche’s new hypothesis. This Italian historian and author has also written a historical novel about Caterina’s life titled “The Smile of Caterina, Mother of Leonardo”.

It was already well known that Leonardo, born in 1452, was the result of an illicit relationship between a Florentine notary named Sir Piero d’Antonio and a woman named Caterina. At that time, Sir Piero was married to a woman named Albira Amadori, and after her death in 1464, he married three more times. He had 16 children from his different wives (11 of whom died in infancy), in addition to these legitimate children, Leonardo was also his illegitimate son, who grew up in his father’s house and received a very good education. .

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