The most visited Zomit technology articles in 1401

In the past year, we covered the latest news in the field of technology and science, put the world’s best gadgets under the microscope, and tried to help you find a product that meets your needs with buying guide articles. While we have a short distance before the delivery of the year, it is time to take a look at the most visited non-news articles Let’s put Zomit in 1401.

Zomit users were very interested in educational articles in the last year. In 1401, we produced all kinds of educational articles for you so that you can better than ever before phone and Work on your laptop. In the last year, Zomit hosted numerous shopping guide articles; But we announce the most visited list of the shopping guide section separately.

10. Training to convert Word to PDF

Converting Word file to PDF is one of the important needs of users. PDF files are compatible with most operating systems and transfer easily.

There are many ways to convert Word file to PDF, of course, online methods should not be neglected among them. In this article, we have taught the methods of converting Word to PDF.

9. Samsung self-defeating with an advertisement against iPhone 14

Samsung is on the verge of unveiling iPhone 14 started a new advertising campaign to take the attention away from Apple’s flagship and position the products it offers in the mobile market as the best in the world.

Samsung has proven to be a worthy player in the mobile industry. This company does not need to attack competitors. However, members of Samsung’s advertising team tried to make the most of the unveiling Take the iPhone 14.

In this article, we explained how Samsung engaged in self-harm by taking a stand against the iPhone 14.

8. The best video making and editing programs on mobile

Video editing requires powerful hardware, even on computers. For this reason, smartphones are generally not suitable devices for video editing. How to work with existing software in this field requires a lot of skill and experience.

Despite all the limitations, you can edit videos with a number of interesting applications. Finally, after editing the video, you can share it on social networks. In this article, we have introduced applications that enable video editing on mobile.

7. How to change Google Play region

Iranian users have two important challenges to use Google Play (internal Android store). One is very limited access to programs and the second is not charging the credit of the account using a gift card.

When you create a Google account with an Iranian IP, you will be connected to the Iranian version of Google Play, which has limited applications. You can use IP changing tools to bypass this limitation, but these applications do not work permanently.

In this article, we have explained how you can permanently change the Google Play region and have access to more applications.

6. How to make an Apple ID

Apple ID creation training is one of the most visited articles in Zomit history. Over time, we have updated this article to always teach you the latest ways to create an Apple ID. The last update was applied on 5th of Bahman 1401.

If for any reason you have trouble creating an Apple ID, Zoomit’s comprehensive tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, in addition to the text method, we have also explained in the video method how you can create an Apple ID and use Apple devices.

5. How to convert PDF to photo

Many devices these days can play PDF files by default, but some older devices don’t. In this regard, you can convert the PDF file into a photo and send it to others. Sharing photos is always easier.

There are several tools to convert PDF to photo. A variety of computer software and online services are available to users today that make the conversion process easy.

4. Top 10 smartphones in the market in terms of charging speed

Smartphones have experienced relatively little progress in recent years; But in terms of charging speed, they have been significantly improved. Gone are the days when you had to plug your smartphone into a charger for several hours to fully charge it.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have made more efforts in terms of providing fast charging speed in their products compared to other manufacturers. On the other hand, the big giants of the mobile industry, including Apple and Samsung, are still lagging behind their Chinese competitors in terms of charging speed.

3. Step-by-step and visual training of email creation

Email (E-Mail) stands for electronic mail and can be considered as a set of information stored in a computer that is exchanged between two users through the Internet.

Email can contain text, various files, images and video files that are sent to a person or a group over the network. Various services provide such services, the most important of which are Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. In this article, we have given a comprehensive and complete answer to the question of how to create an email.

2. How to disable Windows 10 antivirus

Windows 10 operating system comes with Windows Defender Antivirus, which is a powerful antivirus that protects you against various threats such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

This feature, which is by default in Windows, is suitable for most users and meets their needs; But in certain circumstances, you may need to disable this feature. For example, you might want to connect your device to the network, but you’re not allowed to. To fix these problems, you need to disable Windows Defender.

1. List of the most unreliable Xiaomi phones

In the world of smartphones, Xiaomi can be considered a phenomenon; A company that was able to make a name for itself by producing affordable phones. Among the phones of this Chinese company, the Redmi Note and May series have been among the most successful products, and since 2018, the Poco brand has been able to attract the opinion of many users.

The giant Chinese phone maker has launched an army of smartphones and has managed to win over a large number of users. However, Xiaomi has also had failed missions in the production of smartphones in its years of activity.

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