The most visited Zomit reviews in 1401

You can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of this phone by reading Zoomit’s expert review of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In summary, among the advantages of this product, we can mention the addition of the S Pen with a very low delay rate and attractive features, capturing attractive photos in all scenarios, and an OLED screen that is brighter and more accurate than ever. Among its weaknesses, he pointed out the removal of the charger and poor stability in long operations.

7. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G review

The Galaxy A52s 5G continues the path that Samsung started years ago with the popular Galaxy A series of mid-range phones. In our expert review of this product, like other devices, we have tried to fairly evaluate its performance in terms of hardware and software.

Galaxy A52s 5G was also one of Samsung’s popular mid-range phones that attracted the attention of many Zoomit users. Among the features of this product, we can mention a 120 Hz screen with stunning brightness, an efficient camera for day and night photography, a beautiful and minimal design, 5G support and proper charging.

6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G review [به‌همراه بررسی ویدئویی]

The Redmi Note series has always been very popular among buyers of mid-range phones Redmi Note 11 Pro was no exception to this rule. Maybe that’s why the expert review of this phone became one of the most visited reviews of Zoomit in 1401.

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G offers attractive features such as a 120 Hz OLED display with accurate colors, a well-made glass design, and a 67-watt fast charger; But it also has disadvantages such as a weaker chip than competitors and a weak camera.

5. Samsung Galaxy A13 4G review [با بررسی ویدئویی]

Samsung Galaxy A13 is one of the affordable phones in the market, which, while using an attractive design, provides convenient facilities to users. The review of this product was also one of the most visited by 1401 Zoomit, which shows that it has many fans.

Among the important features of the Galaxy A13, we can mention the FHD resolution of the screen and the satisfactory performance of the cameras and the use of the latest version of the Samsung user interface. This product also has disadvantages; including low screen brightness and inefficient performance of the ambient light sensor and weaker hardware than competitors.

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review

Samsung Fun Edition series phones are designed for people who don’t want to pay a huge price to buy a flagship product; But it prefers processing power at the level of flagship products. The Galaxy S21 FE has been announced as Samsung’s affordable 2021 flagship, and as always, we’ve expertly reviewed it.

Among the important features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, we can mention a bright OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, an efficient camera set, and an updated chip with relatively stable performance. Needless to say, this product uses a plastic body that gets very hot during heavy processing.

3. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G review [با بررسی ویدئویی]

The Galaxy A53 5G is another well-made mid-range device from Samsung that offers attractive features at a much more affordable price than the company’s flagships, and this has made the expert review of this product one of the most visited articles on Zoomit in 1401.

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