The most visited Zomit educational articles in 1401

The year that we are going through the final hours of was full of fascinating events in the world of technology. group Zomit tried to cover the most important events so that the audience could have access to the latest news in this field.

In 1401, in addition to news, the authors of Zomit also wrote several educational articles to help them perform various tasks, from installing antivirus to rooting. Smartphone to help users. Last year, we produced a variety of educational materials for you so that you can use your phone better than ever before Work on your laptop.

Now that the delivery of the year is not long, it is time to take a look at the most visited Zomit educational articles of 1401.

10. Teaching how to increase the quality of images with different methods

Probably, you are also in the position of having a low-quality image in your hand and you want to increase its quality. These photos do not have the desired result even when printed; Because they cannot have a beautiful effect with inappropriate resolution. Image resolution is one of its important parts.

Various applications and software have been developed that can increase the quality of the images you want. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone or a computer; Because for all devices, the program they need is available and you can use it.

9. How to enter Instagram without an account?

If you are not a member of Instagram and you are not interested in becoming a member, you may have to create an account to view some content or links that are shared with you from this social network.

Even Instagram has limited the access of people who do not have an account on this social network. If the number of user requests when opening the pages exceeds a certain limit, Instagram will completely limit the user and redirect him to the login page.

However, there are websites that allow you to view content on Instagram pages without restrictions.

8. How to root all Android phones

Rooting the phone gives you new features and facilities, and it can be said that Android’s open source will make sense only if the Android phone is rooted; Because certain softwares made for Android (such as Xposed Installer, etc.) require the phone to be rooted and changes to system files.

Among the important features that rooting adds to your device, we can mention the possibility of installing custom ROMs. Rooting an Android device is not an easy task; For this reason, in this article we have explained step by step for users how they can do this with their smartphones and enjoy more of its features.

7. Seven ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Most likely, it has happened to you that you want to take a screenshot of a part of your Windows screen; Because it contains important information that you will need later. If you are using the new generations of Microsoft’s operating system, you should know that there are many ways to do this in Windows 10, which you can choose according to your needs and convenience.

There are different methods and tools to take a screenshot in Windows 10, which you can learn in this article and use more efficient methods.

6. convert Word to PDF; Step by step video tutorial

PDF files are compatible with most operating systems and transferring them is very easy; For this reason, this format has many fans. Now, sometimes we have a word file in hand that needs to be converted to PDF.

There are many ways to convert Word file to PDF, of course, online methods should not be neglected among them. In this article, we have taught the methods of converting Word to PDF.

5. Step-by-step training on making and selling NFT; zero to hundred

What is an NFT? Can my token be converted to NFT? What is needed to start making NFT? If these questions are in your mind and you are looking for the right answer, don’t miss this article.

In this article, NFT and most of its related information are fully explained so that Zomit users can get general information about it.

4. How to create an Apple ID

Apple ID creation training is one of the most visited articles in Zomit history. Over time, we’ve updated this article to always teach you the latest ways to create an Apple ID. The last update was applied on 5 February 1401.

If for any reason you have trouble creating an Apple ID, Zoomit’s comprehensive tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, in addition to the text method, we have also explained with the help of video how you can create an Apple ID and use Apple devices.

3. Tutorial to convert PDF to photo

Many devices today can run PDF by default; But this issue does not apply to some older devices. Therefore, you can convert the PDF file into a photo and send it to others. Sharing photos is always easier.

Today, there are many tools to convert PDF to photo and a variety of computer software and online services are available to users that make the conversion process easy.

2. Step-by-step and visual training of email creation

In today’s world, having email is mandatory for all users; Because not only can they send and receive different messages through it; They also need an email to create a user account.

Email (E-Mail) is short for electronic mail (Electronic Mail) and it can be considered as a set of information stored in a computer that is exchanged between two users through the Internet.

Various services provide such services, the most important of which are Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. In this article, we have given a comprehensive and complete answer to the question “How to create an email?”.

1. How to disable Windows 10 antivirus?

Now we come to the most visited educational article of 1401: How to disable Windows 10 antivirus?

Windows 10 operating system comes with Windows Defender Antivirus, which is a powerful antivirus that protects you against various threats such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

It is true that the said antivirus should be turned on most of the time, sometimes we have to disable it for a short time. In this article, we have taught how to do this.

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