The most visited technology news in 1401

The year 1401 ended with all its good and bad and now we are on the threshold of the beginning of a new year. Considering this issue, we are now going to review a collection of the most visited news in the field of technology in 1401; For this reason, we invite you to stay with Zomit until the end of this article.

10. Xiaomi 12S Ultra was introduced

Introduction Xiaomi 12S Ultra was one of the most visited news of Zoomit in 1401, which shows that the flagship of this Chinese brand has many fans. Before the introduction of this phone, we saw various reports and rumors published many times and finally this product was introduced on July 13.

Xiaomi’s flagship was one of the company’s well-armed smartphones, which uses a giant 1-inch rear camera with a Leica lens and a powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. Also, its OLED display supports an adaptive refresh rate between 1 and 120 Hz.

9. New features of MIUI 14 and devices compatible with this update have been announced

Many users use the products of this company due to the reasonable price and attractive hardware of Xiaomi phones; For this reason, many people are always waiting for the release of the new version of the custom user interface of this brand known as MIUI.

The news related to the new features and facilities of Xiaomi’s MIUI 14 and the list of devices compatible with this update was one of the most talked about in 1401 Zoomit, which shows that many people were waiting for the release of this update for their phones.

8. Goodbye to Nach; iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in eye-catching renderings

Once again, one of the news related to Before the official unveiling of this phone, iPhone 14 attracted the attention of many Zoomit audiences in 1401. This news referred to Apple’s farewell to the notch above the display of the company’s iPhones.

In this news, to remove the cutout iPhone 14 Pro models have been mentioned and as we have seen, the standard models of this phone were still released with the same usual notch.

7. Remove these 35 Android apps from your phone right now

Google has publicly released a list of 35 apps containing annoying adware that may lead users to malware so that users do not fall into their trap.

In this news, it was written that 35 Android operating system applications contain adware and target your smartphone with advertising content. In addition, it is possible for these programs to be installed by users drive new malware; For this reason, it is recommended to delete them from your device as soon as possible.

6. Trendforce revealed the exact price of all four iPhone 14 series phones

Before the Apple series When iPhone 14 was unveiled, as always, we saw a lot of rumors about these phones. Trendforce revealed the prices of various iPhone 14 models before introducing the current flagships of Apple, and this alone was enough to make this news one of the most visited on Zoomit in 1401.

It should be noted that the prices predicted by Trendforce for Apple’s iPhone 14 series were almost in line with the final and real prices of these phones.

5. Concept images of Galaxy S23 Ultra pay special attention to the 200 megapixel camera of this phone

Before the introduction Galaxy S23 Ultra, many news and rumors about this flagship phone were revealed, one of the most visited of which was the concept images of this product, which was designed with special attention to its 200 megapixel camera.

The concept renders before the official unveiling of the Galaxy S23 Ultra have apparently caught the attention of a large number of Zoomit audiences, to the point where the news has become one of the most visited of the year 1401.

4. Samsung’s strange ads against iPhone 14

On the eve of the launch of iPhone 14, Samsung started a new advertising campaign to take the attention away from Apple’s flagship and to position its own products in the mobile market as the best in the world.

Samsung has proven that it is a worthy actor in the mobile industry and does not need to attack competitors. However, members of Samsung’s advertising team tried to make the most of the iPhone 14 unveiling.

In this article, we explained how Samsung engaged in self-harm by taking a stand against the iPhone 14.

3. Xiaomi phones getting MIUI 14

Unfortunately, due to the decrease in the purchasing power of Iranians, the interest of users in updating the software of their phones has doubled; Because software update is the cheapest way to access new features.

Therefore, it is natural that news of the MIUI 14 update can be seen in the third place of our most visited. Xiaomi phones are usually very popular among Iranians due to their affordable prices, and our data shows that many users are waiting to update their phones to MIUI 14.

2. The first real image of the iPhone 15

Although there is still a lot of time left until the unveiling of the iPhone 15, according to the trend of every year, we see the release of numerous news and rumors about the next generation of very popular Apple phones. It seems that Zemit users are also eagerly waiting for the iPhone 15 family; Because the news of “the first real image of the iPhone” is in the second place of our most visited news in 1401.

In this picture, we see the right edge of the black iPhone 15 model. The side button hole looks similar to the recently leaked renders of the iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are said to have a non-moving button with haptic feedback.

1. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max were unveiled

Now it’s time for the most visited Zomit article in 1401; The year we saw important changes in the design of iPhone Pro models.

Apple’s 2022 flagship phones were introduced in four models: iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The most important update was applied to Pro models; Because these two phones are equipped with the new A16 chip and Dynamic Island feature. Of course, satellite connectivity was also added to the iPhone 14 series so that people can send text messages to emergency service centers even in places where there is no access to the Internet or mobile phone networks.

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