The most suitable models of 1401 Xvision and TCL smart TVs were announced

With a general review in the smart TV market, you can reach the list of the best-selling TV brands in Iran. But if you care about what is the best TV brand at the right price? In this article, we tried to introduce you a list of the best smart TVs of 1401 to guide you in buying a smart TV.

1. Smart TV Xvision model XCU715

55 inch TV X Vision The XCU715 series 7 model is one of Xvision’s affordable smart TVs. A product compatible with the world’s modern technology, which can be considered as a full-fledged choice for you compared to its reasonable price.

The image resolution of this TV is ULTRA HD 4K and it supports HDR10 technology to show you the reality of the image and the contrast of the image in the best possible way. Among the other features of the 55-inch XCU715 Xvision TV, we can mention the Android 11 operating system, which is currently the latest version of Android installed on smart TVs in the market.

Features of Xvision XCU715 smart TV

• UHD 4K resolution and HDR10 technology support

• Equipped with IPS panel and high image quality in all angles

• Has Android 11 operating system

• Has a smart remote control with computer mouse capability

• Has two USB ports and 2 HDMI ports and WIFI Screen mirror capability

2. TCL smart QLED TV model C635

Another popular TV in 1401 is the TCL C635 model, which is also equipped with Google TV. The important point in this model is the well-known Japanese ONKYO sound system with Dolby Atmos technology, which is used in it and will create an amazing sound for you while watching the content you want.

But the good news for gamers is the use of TCL C635 TV with 120HZ.DLG technology, which allows you to play 120Hz content.

Features of TCL C635 smart QLED TV

• QLED UHD 4K resolution and support for HDR10+ technology

• Has Android 11 operating system

• Equipped with Japanese ONKYO brand speaker with DOLBY ATMOS technology

• Has two USB ports and 2 HDMI ports and WIFI Screen mirror capability

3. Smart Xvision LED TV model XYU735

Another one of the best smart TVs of 1401 that we want to mention in this article is the Xvision XYU735 smart TV from the 7 series. The XYU735 smart TV has Android 11, which makes it easier for you to enter the smart world.

In addition, this TV supports WIFI Direct and WIFI Screen Mirror, eliminating your need to use a cable to connect the TV to the Internet and mobile phone.

Features of 55 inch smart Xvision TV model XYU735

• Elegant and modern design

• 4K resolution

• Android 11 operating system

• HDR10 support to display the depth of colors and image contrast

4. TCL smart TV model C715

Another economic smart TV that has been one of the best choices of 1401 customers is the TCL C715 smart TV. TCL C715 smart TV in 55-inch size with Ultra HD 4K resolution and equipped with QLED technology provides you with a unique quality image. Also, C715 TV support for HDR10 technology displays vivid and real colors.

The noteworthy point for gamers in the TCL C715 TV is its support for MEMC technology to play images without lag.

Features of TCL C715 smart TV

• QLED panel and UHD 4K image quality

• 55 inch panel size

• Equipped with HDR10 technology and MEMC technology

• Time shift function

5. 55 inch Xvision TV model XYU725

In number 5 of this list of smart TVs, we introduce the 55-inch Xvision XYU725 economy TV. Smart UHD 4K Xvision 7 Series XYU725 TV is one of the best choices that can meet your expectations with its reasonable price. So if you are looking to buy a smart TV, definitely Xvision TV specifications Read on the Xvision site.

Features of Xvision XYU725 smart TV

• 4K image quality and equipped with HDR10 technology

• Has an IPS panel

• Android 11 operating system

• WIFI Direct and WIFI Screen Mirror capabilities

• 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI and Bluetooth ports

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