The most popular laptops of 1401 in the Zomit products section

1401 was a very dark year for fans and followers of technology in Iran; From cutting off the access of millions of people to social, communication and service platforms and involving a large part of users’ time and energy to connect to them, and as a result, the collapse of many businesses, to a new wave of inflation and high prices caused by the jump in the exchange rate, which has caused severe inflammation in The market produced all kinds of consumer goods and essential items for citizens, and imported products such as mobile phones and laptops were not spared from this high price.

The increase in prices in the last two months of the year was such that the budget of less than 10 million tomans is no longer enough to buy the simplest and most basic new laptop, and the flagship and powerful laptops of the market for the first time saw figures of several hundred million. However, the statistics of category visits The laptop of Zomit products from The dramatic popularity of MacBooks Apple They inform and all kinds of different MacBook models have taken the position of the most popular products.

At the end of the list, three models of economic and gaming laptops Asus stands out, which indicates that after Apple, Asus has more fans among other brands. Next, let’s turn your attention to ten popular laptops We attract Zomit products in 1401.

10. Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020

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