The most popular headphones of 1401 in the Zomit products section

With its compact design, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones are more recommended for people who have small ears and are not as comfortable using Galaxy Buds Pro as they should be.

Samsung has made every effort to ensure that this completely wireless hands-free does not lack anything; However, it still does not offer features such as Dolby Atmos 360-degree sound and a powerful waterproof certificate, unlike the Pro model.

Of course, fortunately, most of the main features of the Buds Pro are available in the Galaxy Buds 2. These features include the provision of adjustable ANC and Ambient modes, as well as very high quality music playback.


According to the statistics of visits and clicks of Zoomit products, it seems that it can be concluded that the market does not have the desire and of course the budget to buy newer products and is more interested in evaluating the products of the past few years.

Of course, on the other hand, perhaps by not considering the price increase, it can be claimed that the products of the past years have appeared so well that users do not see a reason to buy newer models.

What is your opinion of Zomit users on this matter?

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