The most popular and most visited shutters of 1401

In 1401, almost every day at 9 o’clock a new shutter was waiting for you to watch. The process of choosing and composing the shutters was my responsibility, to tell the truth, sometimes it was really challenging and time-consuming.

As much as possible, we covered the famous photography contests, we shot interesting news photos such as the events that were photographed in the wildlife or the sky, and we honored their work by introducing the best works of artists and photographers.

Sometimes we tried to be inspiring by choosing creative topics to expand your vision and sometimes we tried to make you laugh with humorous shutters. But most of all, we wanted to provide you with important information and even make you think for a better future by publishing shutters of animals, the environment, the planet and the countries of the world while entertaining you.

Be that as it may, another year has passed with Zoomit shutters. Although we always tried to publish the best for you, some of these shutters had great views and became “the most visited shutters of 1401”.

After all these words, it’s time to see which shutters you liked the most in 1401. Stay with us.

10. Selected in the 2022 Sony World Photography Competition

The Sony World Photography Awards is one of the biggest annual photography competitions in the world. The selected images in the Sony Shutter 2022 World Photography Contest were selected from a huge pool of over 170,000 submissions.

9. Comparing the size of prehistoric animals with their descendants

Roman Oshitel and his wife created a series of size comparisons of prehistoric animals with their modern descendants so that their children would know what the ancestors of the animals they saw at the zoo looked like and what differences occurred. Over time, this hobby turned into a profession, and the couple published books, calendars, educational posters, and postcards of these extinct animals.

8. Amazing behaviors of cats

Things like flying around the room in the middle of the night and putting themselves in the strangest possible places like dryers, computer cases, and laundry baskets only come from a cat. No one knows why cats are so strange and mysterious. The results of the most visited 1401 shutters show that we humans enjoy the unpredictability of cats.

7. Creative illustrations

A skilled illustrator draws and inserts fictional characters into users’ random photos. By choosing photos from almost any source, he puts his idea into action. Of course, he doesn’t remember to give credit to every photo he chooses.

6. Fresh house plants

For many people, plants are pets. These people are happy and pleased when they see the growth, flowering and change of plants in front of their eyes. Zomit users seem to agree and praise the freshness of the plants.

5. Funny pictures of birds

You want to take a good photo of a bird; But things don’t go the way you want them to. When you think the bird is in the right pose, you click the shutter and the camera does something it shouldn’t do at the exact second it shouldn’t; Wrong exposure, blurry photos, a ridiculously framed subject and results that will make you laugh in this shutter.

4. Street Photographers Foundation

Street photography is very special in the sense that it relies heavily on luck, honesty and crowds. Showing the powerful images of new and professional photographers is one of the goals of the Street Photographers Foundation, whose founders are all Iranians.

3. The baby crocodile was stolen

It was not out of the question that the image of the baby crocodile being stolen from its mother, which was recorded in the Orlando Wetland Park in Florida, was among the most viewed shutters of 1401.

A tour guide photographer grabbed his camera when he saw a great blue heron running away with a baby crocodile in its mouth and luckily captured this photo. After her fruitless chase, the mother crocodile lashed out at the foliage in frustration, eliciting sympathy from the audience. The game of nature: an unfortunate incident for a mother crocodile and her child, which brought a pleasant event to the photographer.

2. A dream image of a stout lion

Taken in Gir National Park, Gujarat, India, a lion bends its head to drink water and stares at the camera in the scorching heat of the forest. Lions generally like to stay in camouflage; So getting a chance to photograph them drinking water in an open area is an exceptional and rare opportunity.

1. Crocodile father and his babies

And this is the most visited shutter 1401! A father crocodile crossing the river with his children on his back.

Since we have usually seen crocodiles in the role of attackers, it is strange for us to see them in the position of defenders; But as you can see, these scary prehistoric monsters are not always bad.

We thank all Zoomit users for their attention to Shutter and we promise you the best shutters in 1402. Was your favorite shutter on this list?

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