The most important factor preventing the success of startups in the stock market was removed

With the removal of the restriction of professional shareholders from Tapsi shares, the hope of success of startups in the stock market has increased and it seems that an important step has been taken for the presence of more startups in the capital market.

It was on Tuesday, January 20th, that Farabourse announced in an announcement that the restrictions on Tapsi transactions would be removed. Based on this, the purchase of Tapsi shares has been made possible for all people who have a stock exchange code, and after this, no restrictions will be applied to the transactions of this share. This is despite the fact that until now, only professional shareholders could buy and sell Tapsi shares.

It was in June this year that the initial offering of the country’s first startup took place in the stock market. However, according to the rules of entry of startups to the stock market, in the first phase only investment funds were able to buy Tapsi shares, and in the second phase of the offering, which was carried out in October this year, real professional shareholders were also able to participate in Tapsi transactions. Applying this restriction on startup companies’ stock transactions made the market for these companies very small and affected the attractiveness and growth of these companies’ stocks. This issue made entering the capital market not attractive enough for startups and their motivation to enter the market decreased.

But now, with the removal of this restriction, it seems that the most important factor preventing the success of startup stocks has been removed, and this can be an important step for the presence of more of these companies in the capital market.

Following the announcement of the exchange on Wednesday, this organization has asked the trading brokers to provide the necessary technical measures for the purchase of Tapsi shares by the public. Therefore, anyone who has a stock exchange code can purchase Tapsi shares through their brokerage.

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