The most common problems of Samsung phones and how to fix them

If you are looking for a way to remove these apps, your only option is to root your phone. Rooting has many advantages and disadvantages and it is better to read the article before doing this Read how to root all Samsung phones.

Poor quality of some Samsung phones

It seems that Samsung is not as sensitive as it should be in making some phones, especially the M series models, and puts them on the market with poor quality. For example, if you have experience working with the Galaxy M52, you probably noticed that the back panel is a little loose from the start and you will definitely notice the gap between the back panel and the hardware part.

Samsung Pass not compatible with Chrome browser

Samsung Pass is one of Samsung’s applications that you can use to quickly enter websites and applications without the need to enter a password and only with a fingerprint sensor. This program uses a security system It’s protected by Samsung Knox, one of the most secure Android security platforms, making Samsung Pay more secure than third-party authentication services like LastPass.

However, Samsung Pass is only available in the company’s default mobile browser, and if you use Chrome or any other browser as the default, you won’t be able to take advantage of its benefits and Knox security; Therefore, we recommend using instead of Password management software, use the Samsung browser as default to ensure the security of your passwords.

Random reboot

Samsung’s Galaxy A and M series phones are no strangers to problems. In 2021, a report of Samsung phone user issues in India revealed that many Galaxy A-series and M-series phones were suffering from issues including random reboots. This problem was apparently related to the Exynos chipset used in these phones. Galaxy M31, Galaxy A50, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31s, Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A50s are the phones that were specifically affected by this problem.

Early battery discharge

Abnormal discharge of Samsung phone battery does not necessarily mean that the battery is damaged. This can have simple reasons that you can control to increase battery life. Of course, you must know that these things are not only for Samsung phones, and by doing them, you can save the battery of all Android smartphones.

One of the things that is not paid much attention to is that the filter breaker is always on. These days, many of us keep this software on all the time so that we don’t have to activate and deactivate it several times a day. VPN consumes a large part of the battery charge and makes you charge the phone twice or more a day; Therefore, always try to activate it only when needed.

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