The most common problems of Redmi phones and how to fix them

3. Restart your phone by pressing the power button and restart the GPS.

4. Sometimes, the protective case of your phone can interfere with the reception of the GPS signal, so if the problem persists, you can remove the case.

5. To solve the GPS problem on your Redmi phone, you can use the factory reset option. Of course, make a backup of all your data before doing this because a factory reset will completely erase all data stored on the device. To factory reset your Redmi phone, go to settings > backup and reset > Factory reset.

2. Fixing the problem of overheating in Redmi phones

The problem of overheating in smartphones is not a new issue, and since we are focusing on Redmi phones in this article, we should mention that this is more common in older models of the Chinese brand. Among the devices that have had many reports about the problem of overheating, we can include Redmi Note 5 Pro and He mentioned Redmi Note 7 Pro because these products use older Snapdragon chips and therefore the problem of overheating occurs more often in them.

By doing the following steps, you can prevent your Redmi phone from overheating to a large extent:

1. Do not make continuous contact with your phone for more than 40 minutes.

2. Don’t run graphic heavy games like PubG continuously for more than 20-30 minutes. It is better to rest a little after every half hour and continue the game again.

3. Do not use multiple apps at the same time as multitasking will make your phone heat up quickly.

4. Avoid watching movies or listening to music continuously for more than 40 minutes.

5. Try not to constantly take videos and photos with your phone, and especially taking videos on hot and sunny days can cause your device to overheat.

Remembering the above points is probably not the easiest solution to solve the overheating problem of Redmi smartphones, and you can also use the following solutions to solve the problem.

1. Remove the protective case from your Redmi phone. This action can prevent the phone from overheating. If you have installed a sticker or skin on the back of your device, it is also better to remove them.

2. Close all unwanted programs that you are not currently using.

3. Keep the phone updated by going to Settings > About phone > System Update.

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