The most amazing archaeological discoveries of ancient Egypt in 2022

Archaeologists while exploring the ancient site in Bernike port on the shores of the Red Sea found a 1700-year-old shrine with 15 headless falcons and a stone structure with the motifs of two unknown gods. A stone base with two iron harps was found next to the stone monument, but what surprised the archaeologists was not these interesting artifacts but an inscription in Greek in one of the back pavilions of the shrine. In this inscription, we read: “It is not appropriate to boil a hawk’s head here.”

Apparently, in this part of the ancient Egyptian empire, the performance of some rituals of sacrificing birds, including the falcon, was prohibited. Sacrifice of birds by boiling was very popular in ancient Egypt. As Salima Akram, a historian and Egyptologist, explained in the book “Creatures of the Gods: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt”, sometimes birds were immersed alive in cauldrons filled with boiling gum. During this terrible process, all the bones of the birds were powdered.

5- A golden ring with patterns from Bes, the god of humor

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