The Mojo Visions eye lens is intended to be a replacement for wearable devices

Imagine a future where using eye lenses (contact lenses), your field of vision will be integrated with augmented reality technology and you will be immersed in its rich world, or even instead of using smart watches and … all your biological information through the lens Get. Perhaps these are concepts we have only seen in science fiction movies or cyberpunk worlds; But it seems that we are rapidly approaching such futures. Numerous companies, such as Apple, have reportedly turned their attention to the development of technologies related to augmented lenses based on augmented reality technology, and it is even claimed that these products take electronics from the age of visible computing to invisible computing.

At CES 2022, Mojo Visions announced that it was partnering with Adidas and other sports companies to make smart eye lenses. The company demonstrated the concept that when its device is embedded in the user’s eyes, it can display texts and images.

The new Mojo Vision contact lens, still seeking FDA approval, promises a display in front of your eyes that you can use without glasses. It may be interesting to know that this product is equipped with its own motion sensors and processor. In fact, the company’s primary and long-term goal is to help combines. However, working with sports companies means that their ocular lens can reflect biological functions or physical activity.

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Currently, there are several HMD (head-mounted) devices for sports use that, for example, integrate with ski and swimming goggles; But it is not clear how useful eye lenses will be. It is also unclear whether Mojo Vision will use eye-based lens interface control to execute commands, or whether the display will offer items such as a fixed heart rate.

Also, we still do not know what effect these lenses will have on the user’s eyes and how long they can be used without any problems. However, it seems that moving towards the use of smart glasses or contact lenses is unavoidable and only time can answer all the questions raised.

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