The Ministry of Guidance seeks to promote content production and monitoring in cyberspace

Despite the fact that digital technology activists, including game makers and users, protested against the limitation of their activities in the past months and brought their criticisms to the ears of the authorities, but at the opening of the virtual space content technologies exhibition, except for the brief mention of the head of the digital economy committee on the limitations of the Internet There was no mention of filtering, disturbances, slow speed and other internet problems.

Cyberspace content technologies exhibition, which is a combination of two digital media exhibitions and computer games exhibition, was opened on Sunday evening, 16th of Bahman in Mossala, Tehran. In this ceremony, the Minister of Guidance, the Chairman of the Parliament’s Digital Economy Committee, the Chairman of the National Foundation for Computer Games and the Chairman of the Center for the Development of Culture and Art in Cyberspace were present and talked about their concerns in the field of cyberspace content.

Specifically, the Minister of Guidance and the head of the Center for the Development of Culture and Art in the Cyberspace emphasized several times on the content and supervision in this area and pointed out the programs that are supposed to pursue the production of content in the cyberspace more seriously than before. The Minister of Guidance said that the president has left the hands of this ministry completely open for action in the field of promoting content production.

Regulatory criteria should not be interventionist

The Minister of Education started his speech by pointing out that modern technologies have reached a level of maturity and talent that can take us forward and said that the three most important issues in cyber space are regulation, content production and media literacy. Stating that regulatory criteria should not be interventionist, he said: “Regulation in this area is not yet complete. Our friends at the Center for the Development of Culture and Art in Cyber ​​Space, in Satra and other departments are trying to complete this work. We also have the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and we have to move forward with the strict regulation of the rules, which are regulatory and not interventionist. I don’t like interference in the sense of stopping them. The duty of governance is to facilitate and supervise.

He emphasized that the abandoned virtual space is like a slaughterhouse: “Our duty is to facilitate, expand and monitor this space. Supervision is the right of sovereignty. We cannot leave this field and expect what we demand to happen.”

About the content production, Esmaili asked the Games Foundation to take over the content of the games field: “We had Iranian games in the middle to upper age group, but in the age ranges of children and teenagers, unfortunately, all the favorite games were non-Iranian games. This is a problem that goes back to the discussion of the economy of culture and the production of attractive characters. We decided to improve the field of content production and make it in the form of an organization. Friends have prepared a plan for this work and the government is in serious agreement with this work. The president left our hands completely open for this type of activism and said that in this area you are responsible for these things to happen and manage them and let active Iranian activists produce strong content and let us help their work develop. Content production is our serious concern.”

The Minister of Education further pointed to the preparation of sites suitable for children and teenagers in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and said: “No matter how strong we are in content production, we have strong competitors who have been working for many years, and if we do not develop media literacy enough, we have unfairly treated our users.” ” He stressed to the radio and television to pay attention to the ranking of children’s and teenagers’ sites that were done in advertisements.

We can no longer manage these areas by throwing money

Mojtaba Tawanger, the head of the Parliament’s digital economy committee, said that digitization is the future of the world in economy, culture, and society, and brings many changes and benefits to us. According to him, the veterans of various industries are now losing the game in front of the digital ones and startups, and one of the most concrete examples are internet taxis and vods: “I hope that with regularity and rational regulation in this field, these platforms can provide better and richer governance in the field of virtual space to everyone. We decision makers help. We have to find out if we can have attractive digital media that expand our relationships with the audience rather than looking for the inductions of our own desires.

Tawanger also pointed to the economic cycle of the media and said that any software and platform that cannot manage its economic cycle will sooner or later witness its legacy and death: “We are in a period where there is no more money to invest in these sectors. to manage In the parliament, we see that the Ismailis provide a part of these budgets with a thousand problems, but in the future it is not even the minimum and we must try to manage this space in a different way. Today, the parliament, the government, and the Ministry of Guidance are focusing their efforts on providing a platform for capable people from the private sector to enter into content production, which, of course, requires a logical and up-to-date regulation.

Pointing out that the other battlefields and conflicts of the countries will be in the digital field and platforms, he said that in this sector, the country needs diplomats who are proficient in the field of technology and who can speak the digital language: “a subject that is beyond the ability of classical diplomats.” He also expressed hope that some restrictions and disturbances in the Internet will be removed.

Haji Hashemi, head of the National Computer Games Foundation, said about the average increase in players that it shows that the game is gaining ground among the general public as a medium. According to him: “Iranian game makers produced good games in the past years despite all the sanctions and hardships. Our game makers are the healthiest and strongest game makers in the world. They use their own mental creativity. It is a capacity to serve these friends and grow game products in the country.”

Regarding the content of the games, he mentioned that the foundation is looking to connect the game-making capacity with other advantages of the country in order to create games with scientific and educational purposes.

Emphasis on the content of the National Information Network platform

Hamed Haji Malamirzaei, the head of the Center for the Development of Culture and Art in the Cyberspace, also addressed his content concerns in the cyberspace and referring to the documents of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace regarding the National Information Network, he said that if the development of the National Information Network is limited to the infrastructure layer, a lot will happen. It will be dangerous for the country: “In this case, the infrastructure as a container of virtual space will not have a container and content suitable for our lifestyle and the field of culture, art and customs. Therefore, at the same time that this container and infrastructure is provided, we must repeatedly emphasize that the highest layer of the national information network, which is the content and user layer, will lead to the development of rich and attractive content of our national programs.

Haji Mirzaei emphasized that the platform of the National Information Network should be full of desirable content and appropriate to the country’s culture and art, and should be strengthened by recognizing the harms and weak points of the regulation in order to lay the foundation for the production of more content in the virtual space.

The exhibition of virtual space content technologies will continue until 19th of February.

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