The Mi Sans font used in Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 was revealed before its official release

Xiaomi is releasing updates to the MIUI operating system for its smartphones at regular intervals, and now, according to a new report from Gizmochena, the Chinese giant is preparing for the release of MIUI 13 based on the Android 12 operating system in late December.

The new MIUI is expected to be officially unveiled on December 28 (December 7, 1400); But before the release, new information reveals that Xiaomi will use the new Mi Sans and Mi Prototype 210317 fonts in MIUI 13. The new fonts will replace the Mi Lan Pro VF font currently used by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi New Font

Newer fonts seem to have rounder text with smoother lines than the current font, giving it a modern look. In addition, it was found that this font contains two special symbols, including the Xiaomi logo and the MIUI logo.

The new Mi Sans font that Xiaomi will use in MIUI 13 is different from the fonts available in the current version. Mi Lan Pro VF fonts have been used since the release of MIUI 11, and with the introduction of MIUI 12.5, the company has renamed the same font to Mi Sans to prepare for the big change of the future.

Xiaomi new logo

New MIUI logo

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At the moment, there is not much information about what the company will upgrade in the next version of MIUI; But it is expected to make major changes to the design and add new features. Xiaomi is also set to get rid of some existing features, including Screen On Time and Weather Super Wallpaper.

In related news, a list of the first Xiaomi smartphones to receive the new update has been revealed. This list includes premium handsets such as the May 11 Ultra, Redmi K40 Pro, and other mid-range handsets such as the May 11 Youth Edition.

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