The messengers were interrupted; No one knew

From the days when a few minutes of disruption and slowness on Instagram caused users to protest and it was enough for the platform to be unavailable for a short period of time for users to ask each other “Is Instagram working?” It didn’t take long for users of this or other popular platforms to prompt tech reporters to ask if there was a problem with Platform X, a filter, or a global disruption.

The problem of not being able to connect to Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other platform where the concentration of users was high, similar to a long-term water and electricity cutoff or blocking one of the main streets of the city, could be critical and disrupt the normal flow of daily life. .

For businesses active in online platforms, this had consequences such as loss of capital or reduced income, and this made the issue of access even more critical for these people. Now we are past those days. It has been more than seven months that the problem of Instagram is no longer permanent and disruption of several minutes and several hours. Instagram is censored, and users and businesses are either forced to leave it or gain access by forcing a VPN.

The third possibility is that users and businesses turn to native options instead of Instagram or international filtered messengers. According to officials in the Ministry of Communications, this incident has been happening for several months and has increased their population to “several 10” million.

“Ita has about 22 million monthly active users, which means they have used it at least once in the last month. Yes, about 16 to 16.5 million monthly active users, Soroush Plus has about 10.5 million monthly active users, and Rubika has about 40 million monthly active users. This is the last statistic that the Minister of Communications announced two weeks ago about the number of users of these platforms.

This statistic has been announced in the past months and has been doubted by people and experts. Although this request has also been made that in addition to announcing these statistics, the Ministry of Communications should publish information about the traffic consumption of internal messengers in order to determine the level of people’s presence and acceptance of these platforms, but the Ministry of Communications considers such data confidential and does not provide statistics.

Sometimes, however, events occur as a flip to both highlight the doubt of the tens of millions of people present in native messengers and show that the announcement of welcoming these platforms and their success in attracting users deprived of filtered platforms is not a very accurate claim.

The most recent example of these events is the disruption in the power supply of the data center Bomahne and Three internal messengers were unavailable for a few hours on the 11th of May; A disturbance that would have occurred on Instagram with this intensity would have prompted many Iranian users and businesses on this platform to protest, and there was an editorial for the three messengers Ita, Yes and Sorushplus and the editorial platform. It was published after the telecommunication company sent a message about this to its audience.

This is a thought-provoking incident that, although it may become a source of humor for users, it should be an alarm for the authorities that despite all the expenses, efforts and support, and despite the 10 million figures mentioned, what happened in practice, the users were unaware of this incident.

Even the businesses that, according to the Minister of Communications and other officials, had migrated to native platforms after Instagram filtering, did not protest about the outage this time and even stated that they were unaware of it. Why? Because they said that they are not present in internal messengers and still prefer the same filtered platforms.

One of the platforms where it was possible for businesses to write about the lack of access to local messengers was the post of Mohammad Javad Azari Jahormi, the former Minister of Communications, on his Telegram channel. Azari Jahormi wrote in this post: “Statistical examination of tonight’s complaints of cyberspace businesses about the interruption of messengers “can” be a good measure to measure their popularity among people. If you have any experience of disruption to businesses tonight, please share.”

Until the moment of writing this report, more than 480 comments have been recorded by users for this post, which has significant points. A large number of people have stated in the comments section that they were not affected by the disruption and that they learned about it through messengers and social networks.

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