The margins of a cyber attack; Existence of cryptocurrency mining farm in Imam Sadegh University

In a part of this letter, it is mentioned about the issue of “fixing the problems related to the cryptocurrency mining farm” that the permission to establish cryptocurrency mining was obtained from the Samat Khorasan Razavi organization on 11/14/1399, and further on the issue of the seal of this cryptocurrency mining platform is mentioned. And referring to the profitability of cryptocurrency mining, a request to remove this restriction has been announced. The text of the letter reads as follows:

“Due to the problems caused by electricity production in the country, restrictions have been established for cryptocurrency miners, including the university credit institution, and in some cases, provincial officials have tried to seal cryptocurrency mining farms, regardless of the licenses obtained, which was later followed up on 7/1400 19/ The provincial court has given an order to seal the jaw. But the disputes with the electricity company have not been resolved yet, which should be followed up and resolved as soon as possible.”

In addition to the issue of why there is a need for a mining farm in Imam Sadegh University, it is also a matter of question why the mining farm of this university should be sealed when there are problems with electricity supply for it and the laws related to mining. There is also a cryptocurrency in the country, in some parts of which the issue of supplying the necessary energy to extract digital currency has been addressed.

According to the cryptocurrency mining regulation, which was approved by the Ministry of Security in September this year and announced in November, punitive rules have been considered for miners who commit violations in the field of supplying electricity to their miners.

In Article 8 of this regulation, it is stated that “Subordinated and affiliated companies of the two Ministries of Energy and Oil are obliged to measure the electricity and gas consumption of cryptocurrency mining centers, especially during the time of electricity network restrictions, and in case of non-compliance with the network restrictions, cut off the electricity and gas of these units. do”. The full text of this regulation can be found in Here look.

According to the text of the letter attributed to Imam Sadiq University, it seems that these restrictions have not been applied to the mining farm of this university, and although the provincial officials have tried to seal this farm, the provincial court has issued an order to seal it.

This is while we know that many cryptocurrency mining farms in the country have been shut down due to energy supply problems and the country’s restrictions on electricity and gas supply, and more importantly, many people in different parts of the country are suffering from energy shortages and gas and electricity outages. are facing

All of these issues have created criticisms and negative positions towards Imam Sadiq University, and it is expected that this university and the relevant authorities will be responsible for these issues. However, they have not reacted to these events so far.

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