The license to register and register 2,500 mobile phones was issued

According to the public relations report of the Attorney General’s Office, the deputy of public rights and crime prevention said in this regard that the requirement to register and register mobile phones and other equipment with the ability to install a SIM card in the passenger procedure, while reducing the entry of smuggled mobile phones into the country, but the obstacles And it also caused problems.

According to Gholam Abbas Turki, these obstacles made some people unable to register mobile phones in the relevant system based on the criteria. He pointed out the interruption in the passport system, the variety of imported phones whose specifications are sometimes not registered in the value system, the registration of incomplete information by the user, the lack of familiarity with the regulations, etc. was observed and based on this, the request to facilitate the possibility of registering mobile phones with incomplete registration was examined.

The deputy of public rights and crime prevention of the country’s attorney general’s office said: “It was decided in order to enforce public rights and satisfy the passengers, the requests received in a working group with the presence of the representative of the anti-trafficking of goods and currency, representatives of customs (technical assistant and inspection) and Faraja and up to 2,500 devices, at the latest by March 15 of this year, and upon determining that the request is justified (including phone specifications and passenger documents approved in the passport administration system), by going through the legal process and obtaining customs duties, the necessary information is registered in the relevant system and The result should be reported to this authority.”

Turki also asked the responsible institutions to take the necessary preventive measures in order to protect the public rights of citizens and prevent dissatisfaction, while promoting transparency systems and correcting incomplete regulations and processes.

Ever since the registry plan was introduced, some of those who wanted to import mobile phones with the passenger procedure had problems and according to the regulations, if they could not complete the registration process within a month, they could no longer use that device. The news of facilitating the registration of incompletely registered mobile phones can solve the problems of some of these people.

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