The Lenovo teaser shows RGB lighting on the body of the Legion Y90

Lenovo has just released a new teaser for its next gaming smartphone, the Liden Y90. Previously, reports on some of the specifications and features of this product have been made available; But Lenovo’s latest teaser also shows the design of this product.

According to Gizmochana, the company has released the new Legion Y90 teaser on its official Weibo account. In this image, a view of the back panel of the device can be seen. Looking at this image, you can see the symbolic Legoin Y logo, which uses RGB backlight. It is worth noting that this design is very similar to the Legion Phone 2 Pro; A device with RGB lighting on the back.

In addition, the Lenovo advertising poster shows a slight bulge in the middle of the back panel of the Legion Y90. This design can also be seen on the Legion Phone 2 Pro; Therefore, it can be expected that the upper and lower part will be thinner and there will be a protrusion in the middle part. This protrusion is actually the location of the supercharged liquid cooling system with dual turbo fan. This is an active cooling mechanism that uses physical technology and will help reduce the temperature while doing heavy tasks such as playing.

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Based on previous rumors and reports, we expect the Legion Y90 to launch with a 6.92-inch Samsung E4 display and a 144Hz refresh rate. This product will also support HDR. In addition, it is said that the phone will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip, LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage.

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