The latest OnePlus brand shows the division of the company into three parts

OnePlus has apparently achieved good results recently with new developments and strategies. The Chinese company recorded significant growth in the United States, and its Nord series sold better than ever in global markets; However, it seems that OnePlus is not satisfied with the recent changes and intends to make more changes by registering a new brand.

According to Gizmochana, a revelation called موکول شارما On Twitter, he published some of the mysterious OnePlus brand files, confusing fans. Below are three images for the brand with the letters “two plus”, “six plus” and “eight plus”.

Three OnePlus brands

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OnePlus now has big plans for 2022, including the release of more mid-range models and even the first flagship launch. In addition, it was recently reported that an integrated operating system called “H2OOS” is likely to replace China’s ColorOS, OxygenOS, and HydrogenOS. The question now is, can these brand changes and reports together be part of a new master plan designed by Pete Lao himself? It is not yet possible to answer this question conclusively, so in this situation we will suffice with mere hypothesis-making.

However, This brand may not be part of a larger design; one monthDef Main This Is That With Conversion ان‌ها To Exclusive right To One Company Or name the product To be assigned.

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