The latest Apple rumors; From the new capabilities of the 14-inch iPad to the Thunderbolt port of the iPhone 15 Pro

The Analyst941 account on Twitter has shared a summary of recent rumors related to Apple and provided information about iPadOS 17 and its capabilities for larger iPad models. This whistleblower also mentioned some features of Apple’s next 14-inch flagship tablet, including the M3 chip.

According to 9to5MaciPhone 15 Pro models are expected from the port Support USB C with Thunderbolt 3 standard. In addition, it is said that the display of the next Apple iPhones will host a new feature that is intended for video enthusiasts.

iPadOS 17 for 14-inch iPad

The first reports about an iPad larger than the 12.9-inch model were published in 2021, and of course, not much information about the said device was available at that time.

Mark Gorman It says that Apple is considering plans for the next iPad equipped with a large screen. This well-known expert has also announced that a possible change in the dimensions of the iPad screen will take at least a few more years.

According to the famous analyst, Ross YoungThe 14.1-inch iPad Pro is currently in development, so we can expect it to come with a promotional display and miniLED technology this year. Analyst941 also confirmed that Apple is considering new software features for the 14-inch iPad screen.

It seems that a special version of iPadOS 17 has been developed specifically for the larger models of this product. It is said that the 14.1-inch Apple iPad model will support two external 6K displays with a 60 Hz rate, and thus this device is expected to be equipped with a powerful M3 Pro chip.

iPhone 15 Pro support for Thunderbolt 3

Currently, we are almost certain that all four iPhone 15 models will come with a USB C port. It is expected that the Pro models of the next generation of Apple iPhones will also support the Thunderbolt 3 standard; A feature that is very useful for doing video-related tasks. On the other hand, the non-pro models of the next phones of the Cupertino tech giant will use the USB 2.0 standard, and therefore the speed of data transfer through their USB C port will be slower than the pro models.

Analyst941 says the iPhone 15 Pro models will be equipped with a new feature to display live video output with 4K resolution. Thus, these phones can be used to view and control 4K movies on external screens.

Ability to connect Apple Watch to multiple devices

Currently, the Apple Watch can only be connected to an iPhone, but according to new reports, this feature will change soon, so it will be possible to connect these watches to multiple devices.

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