The iPhone SE could be a replacement for the 1.4 billion Android phones

In the world of stock trading, reputable financial analysts can change corporate stocks with just a simple prediction. Sometimes, their statements are so influential that people consider it a revelation.

Samik Chatterji (Samik Chatterjee) is one of the analysts of GPS Morgan, who in his recent report predicts that 1.4 billion Android users will be persuaded to replace their Android phone with this product after the introduction of the iPhone SE in 2022 (1401).

According to Google, there are about 3 billion active Android devices worldwide, and given that each person may have multiple devices, the current estimate is that we have about 2.5 billion Android users worldwide.

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According to androidauthority, Chatterjee estimates that half of Android users will switch their devices to the iPhone SE 2022 (1401). He says the reason for his insistence on this prediction is that the new iPhone SE is economical and supports 5G network. However, Chatterjee does not seem to have any statistics on sales of the previous two iPhone SE models. Both models do not support 5G network; But they also did not see widespread migration of Android users.

Not to mention that if only half of Android users used the iPhone, the Android market share would have dropped significantly compared to last year; But at the moment, this market is rising and growing. Chatterjee’s forecast from the London Stock Exchange earned a perfect score for its accuracy; However, this estimate cannot yet be conclusively based.

What do Zomit users think about Chatterjee Forecast? Can the new iPhone SE persuade Android users to change their phones?

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