The iPhone SE 4 won’t be released for at least another two years

The third generation iPhone SE, which was made available to customers in 2022, faced many criticisms; In the era when the most economical Android phones have also gone for full-screen design. Apple still makes a $400 device that has a completely outdated design. However The iPhone SE is still an attractive device for a number of long-time Apple fans.

In recent months, many conflicting rumors about We have heard about the iPhone SE 4. While the device was said to have been completely discontinued, a leaker said the iPhone SE 4 is back on the production line.

now Ming-Chi KuoApple has no plans to launch a new iPhone SE model in 2024 and 2025, the veteran whistleblower says.

According to Fon ArenaIn the coming years, Apple plans to increase the price of standard and Pro iPhones and for the first time launch the Ultra iPhone. This price increase makes a device like iPhone SE more in the center of attention.

Probably, the new generation iPhone SE will have a similar design It will have iPhone 14 and from It will use a relatively old processor. Thus, it seems that we finally have to say goodbye to the old iPhone design.

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