The iPhone became the best-selling phone in China for the second month in a row

According to research by the Counterpoint Research Institute, the iPhone became the best-selling phone in the Chinese market in December 2021 (23.1400) with 23.6% of the phone sales in China. Last month, this product with a share of 22% of sales in this country was the first place to sell phones. After Apple, Vivo was the next best-selling brand in China with 17.8% of sales.

IPhone popularity in China

The Counterpoint Institute cites the popularity of the iPhone 13 series, photography capabilities, battery life and the same price range of the iPhone 12 as the reasons for Apple to climb to the top of the phone sales in China. It goes without saying that “Singles Day” in China (similar to Black Friday in other countries) was not unaffected by the sales results in November, and the country’s popular platform,, was able to list several new and old iPhone models on this day alone. Put your bestseller daily on that day.

According to Phonearena, although Apple’s monthly sales in China increased by 15.5% from October to November 2021 (November to December 1400), Counterpoint believes that Apple’s powerful display in China will end soon.

Apple’s sales in China are expected to decline in December or January as January stops, according to Ethan Kay, a Counterpoint analyst.

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IPhone order delivery time has been reduced and the 20-day waiting period in November is now less than a week. This improvement can happen for two reasons: either more iPhones are available or there are fewer orders for these products. Despite the improved iPhone 13 delivery time, several sales websites in China have limited sales to just two devices for some popular iPhone models.

Sanctions imposed on Huawei handsets are another factor in Apple’s arrival in China; The sanctions cut off Huawei’s access to US supply chains, such as Micron (supplier of memory chips), Google (software developer), Qualcomm (chip maker), and others, and cut off Huawei from supplying parts, developing its operating system and user interface. They encountered a problem.

In addition to Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo and Vivo were also beneficiaries of Huawei’s downfall; But despite many obstacles, Huawei has just launched a limited edition 5G folding collector of the Mate X2.

China is leading the third quarter

According to Counterpoint, while Apple was the leader in China’s smart phone sales in October and November 2021, Vivo accounted for 23% of total market share in the third quarter, followed by Oppo with 20%. They had the largest share of sales.

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After these two brands, ‌ Honor is in the third place with 15% share. Also, Xiaomi with 14%, Apple with 13%, Huawei with 8% and Riley with 4% had the largest market share of handsets in the third quarter in China.

It should be noted that with the start of the new year and the release of the numbers for the fourth quarter of 2021 (November, December and January 1400), Apple will still remain at the top of the table, or according to Counterpoint estimates, the number of iPhone sales will decrease.

What do you think about the statistics of the Counterpoint Research Institute on iPhone sales in China? Can Apple maintain this position?

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