The iPhone 15 will likely be delayed

The iPhone 15 will likely be delayed


A BoA analyst who correctly predicted that the iPhone 12 would not be on sale in September 2020 has now announced that we may see a similar delay for the iPhone 15.

Vamsi MohanBoA analyst said in a note that Apple’s next iPhones will probably go on sale in October this year instead of September 2023.

iPhone 12 release delay in 2020

Mohan announced in March 2020, about 6 months before the release of the expected iPhone 12 series, that these phones will not be available to customers until the end of October.

BoA analysts published a report in 2020 in which it was predicted that the 5G flagship iPhones will probably be launched with a month delay due to supply chain problems caused by the impact of Corona.

In the end, the delay in the release of two iPhone 12 models was more. The basic model of these phones was sent to customers on October 23, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini were not available to buyers until November 13.

The iPhone 15 will probably be released with a delay of several weeks

Mohan It says that Apple’s supply chain review shows that the iPhone 15 will be released with a delay, and of course, this delay will only be a few weeks.

written by 9to5mac, such delays have a significant impact on Apple’s financial position. The company always launches its new iPhones in late September, and the delay in the launch of these products means that their financial income will be recorded for the next fiscal year.


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