The iPhone 14 family will probably not have a SIM card port

Earlier this week, a report was published on the Brazilian website Blog do iPhone, claiming that at least the Pro iPhone 15 models will be available in some parts of the world without a physical SIM card port. It is now being said that the tech giant may take such an action even sooner than possible.

Citing information from anonymous sources, Apple has advised major US operators to prepare for the launch of e-SIM smartphones by September 2022. Sources have apparently shared a document that sets out the time frame for this change; Of course, the document does not mention Apple or iPhone.

A recent report states that as part of the process of transition to electronic SIM cards, some US operators will apparently offer selected iPhone 13 models without nano SIM cards in the box in the second quarter of 2022. Due to the alleged deadline of September 2022, it is possible that Apple will remove the physical SIM card with the unveiling of some iPhone 14 models. However, it is still not possible to confirm or deny the accuracy of the report.

eSIM, as its name implies, is a digital SIM card that allows users to use their phone’s communication networks without the need for a physical SIM card; But it should not be overlooked that eSIM service is not available in all countries; So iPhones with a SIM card port may still be available in some markets.

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In general, the acceptance and support of electronic SIM cards is increasing rapidly. There are currently more than 100 telecommunications companies providing eSIM services worldwide, and there are further plans to support the service in 2022.

It is interesting to note that Johnny Ive, a former Apple design director, once envisioned the iPhone as a glass case, and the removal of the SIM card slot would be another step towards integrated design and improved water resistance in the process. Removing the SIM card slot also frees up valuable internal space on the iPhone that Apple could use to embed new chips or sensors.

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