The iPhone 13 retains its value better than the Pixel 6

According to data from the SellCell mobile buying and selling website and price comparison, the Apple iPhone 13 series has been able to maintain its value better than Google’s latest Pixel series. The data, compiled from the sales of more than 45 used phone buyers, show that the Pixel 6 series has lost an average of about 43% of its value a month after its launch. In contrast, the value of the iPhone 13 family in the first month of release fell by only about 25 percent.

Pixel devaluation 66 pixel devaluation after release

In addition, the iPhone 13 has begun to regain its lost value, and this trend is even true of the iPhone 13 Mini, which is less popular among other iPhone models. One of the interesting findings of this report is that the value of the lowest model of Pixel 6 has decreased by about 37%, which is almost equal to a 35% decrease in the value of the iPhone 5 Mini 512 GB after one month of presence in the market. The finding suggests that Google is more likely to beat Apple in the economic flagship market.

The SellCell website is not so optimistic that the Pixel 6 will follow in the footsteps of the four iPhone 13 models, which are now more than two months old and may depreciate in the next few months.

Devaluation of iPhone 13Devaluation of iPhone 13 after release

It goes without saying that the situation may change until the Pixel 6 release situation improves next year; But for now, buying an iPhone is a better option for those who have not used a phone for a long time and are replacing their old device with a newer model. In other words, we can only say that the Pixel 6 is another one of the several Android phones on the market that is a long way from maintaining the value of the iPhone.

It should also be noted that the devaluation of used Pixel 6 phones does not mean that the iPhone 13 is a better phone in every way; Because Google’s flagship, as revealed in the Pixel 6 Pro Zomit review, is one of the top smartphones of 2021. However, for people who are accustomed to upgrading their phones to a newer version every year, it makes more economic sense to buy an iPhone because of its value.

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