The iPhone 13 became China’s best-selling smartphone for the sixth week in a row

Apple recently launched the iPhone 13 family, retaining the design elements of the previous generation and new hardware, and so far, there have been numerous reports of sales exceeding their expectations. Evidence shows that these handsets are in an unprecedented sales cycle called the cattle market.

Apparently, Apple did not reach the winning lineup, and apparently this is why the iPhone 13 family is so popular with users; Apple is said to be the best-selling smartphone brand in the Chinese market for the sixth consecutive week.

Counterpoint Research says cheaper-than-last-generation pricing, new cameras, and support for fifth-generation mobile network (5G) have helped Apple persuade major Chinese buyers to buy its next-generation smartphones. Counterpoint says that Apple has been the best-selling smartphone brand in China for several months after a short period of time and losing its position to Vivo.

Apparently, Apple’s only real competitor in the Chinese market is Huawei, which is now experiencing tough conditions with the US sanctions. Among the four new Apple smartphones, the standard iPhone 13 is said to have accounted for 51% of the family’s sales; While iPhone 13 Pro Max with 23% and iPhone 13 Pro or 21% are in the next position. It is interesting to know that the iPhone 13 Mini has gained only 5% of the sales share.

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Needless to say, Counterpoint research does not include other iPhone models; But the company notes that the current success comes with the strong performance of the iPhone 12, which will greatly help Apple’s overall sales. In general, the iPhone 12 family was also very popular at the time of its release, and statistics show that they are still very popular.

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