The iOS 15 update is now installed on 60% of iPhones

Independent research firm Mixpanel recently reported that up to 58% of all iPhones are equipped with Apple’s new operating system, iOS 15; IOS 14, on the other hand, provides 36% of the software power of the iPhone. In fact, the statistics show that the acceptance of the new operating system is a bit slower than the previous version.

Apple usually publishes statistics on the percentage of installations of its new operating systems; But so far we have not seen the official launch of iOS 15 acceptance percentage. The latest publicly reported Apple data show that as of June 3 this year, about 85% of all iPhones will run iOS 14. It should be noted that all devices that are compatible with iOS 14 are also eligible to receive a newer version.

Of course, iOS 14 users can still receive important security updates without updating to the latest version of iOS, and this, along with minor changes, may be one of the reasons why users are less likely to receive iOS 15 updates. On the other hand, the release of iOS 15 has not been so flawless, and users have reported several bugs, most of which have now been fixed. However, these seem to have had little effect on the transition to the new version.

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Apple has a major mid-generation update in mind for the coming weeks. Reviews of the iOS 15.2 beta show that Apple has added a new section called “Parts and Service History” to the Settings app that lets users view their iPhone’s service history and find out which components are being repaired; So the next update could probably improve this situation a bit.

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