The impending tsunami in the chip industry; ARM makes a dedicated processor for the first time

Logo, a well-known British company, a very prominent role in the industry It has a chip. For the first time, this company has decided to produce a dedicated processor to showcase its architectural capabilities. Aram will offer its shares before the end of this year; Therefore, it seeks to attract new customers and increase revenue.

According to Financial TimesArm is looking to partner with new factories to bring its proprietary processor into the production line. Informed sources say that ARM has created a new team called “Solutions Engineering” that will take on the task of developing the aforementioned processors. These processors for Smartphones and Laptops and other electronic components will be produced.

The Softbank business group, the owner of ARM, started working on the new processor 6 months ago and has achieved many improvements. According to informed sources, ARM currently has no plans to sell or license its proprietary processor and is only working on a prototype.

Logo architecture is used in the products of many big companies, including phone makers. This company has many commercial contracts with major chip makers in the world. A few weeks ago, Intel said in a statement that it will work with Arm Ward to manufacture processors based on the company’s architecture at Blue Team factories.

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