The ID of three new Macs was seen on the eve of Apple’s WWDC 2023 event

ID of three models The new Mac has been seen in the latest version of the Find My configuration file so that the possibility of their unveiling at the June 15th Apple conference is strengthened. Apple has already confirmed that it will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on the said date.

McRumors It says Mac14,8 and Mac14,13 and Mac14,14 are new IDs. Most likely, all three of these are desktop systems and the user does not need to locate them through the Find My service.

At the moment, it is not clear which models of Apple computers are referred to by the mentioned identifiers. Apple used to use identifiers like MacBookAir 10,1, but today uses more obscure identifiers.

We have been waiting for the unveiling of the new Mac Pro for a long time We are the Apple Silicon processor. While the new IDs may point to a Mac Pro, Mark German It is believed that Mac Pro 2023 will not be present at the WWDC conference.

says Garman, who has a very good track record of leaking detailed information from Apple Mac Studio will not be updated until the M3 series chips are released. Apple is unlikely to introduce these chips at WWDC. Apple It updated the Mac Mini computer a few months ago, in this regard, we expect WWDC to be the unveiling ceremony of the new generation be iMac

Three different identifiers do not necessarily refer to three products. We have already seen that different models Mac minis with different processors had different identifiers. In this way, all three identifiers seen in Find My may refer to only one product.

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