The HR-Tech Reverse Wall and Sprout Presentation Event will be held at Sharif University

The event of reverse presentation of the wall and the bud is held. In this event, the wall presents its needs and challenges in the field of employment for job-creating startups.

17 Azar 1400, Jawaneh Bold Investment Company and Divar Company, in cooperation with Sharif University Growth Center, will hold an investment opportunity event at HR Tech in the amphitheater of the Faculty of Management and Economics of Sharif University of Technology in person and online.

Javaneh Investment Company, the investment arm of Hezardestan Holding, intends to introduce the fields of cooperation between startups and entrepreneurs with Divar Company in this event. Divar is the largest online job search space in Iran and daily 6300 An employment advertisement will be published in it. In this event, the wall’s favorite topics for cooperation and investment in startups will be presented to the audience and interested parties in the form of a reverse pitch.

Event schedule presents reverse buds

At the beginning of this event, Shahram Shahkar, The CEO of Divar, will present a report on the company’s performance and talk about long-term strategies and an open innovation approach in Divar. also, Shamim TaheriThe director of economic data analysis, after presenting an analysis of the labor market economy in Iran in the 1390s, especially in the post-corona period, will present the role of the wall in this part of the economy.

In the continuation of this event, Peyman Kazemi, Product manager, wall hiring, along Shiva Sharifpour, The user experience designer of the wall, by presenting data and statistical reports from the employment department, will present the challenges of this company in the form of reverse presentation (Reverse Pitch) to the audience. The final part of the event is a panel to discuss cooperation and investment opportunities اوژن غنی‌زاده And wall product vice, علی نقی‌زاده, Wall manager and Arian Afshar, The director of budding investment is held.

The audience of this event can be startups that work in the field of employment and job search and need to raise capital or have specific offers to work with the wall. Also, entrepreneurial people who prefer to have their own startup and have an eye on HR-Tech, can attend this event to learn more about the terms and methods of raising capital from the bud. If you are interested, you can register for this event, which is held in person and online, via the following link.

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