The Google Pixel smartwatch will probably be introduced in 2022

According to reports, Google has really decided to introduce the Pixel smartwatch. A new report has been released that, contrary to previous rumors, provides better information on how to introduce this device. In previous news and reports about Google’s smartwatch over the years, there has never been enough confidence in the introduction of this product, but that has now changed.

According to GSO Arena, in 2022 we will see the release of full details about Google Smartwatch. The product is said to be under the code name “Rohan” and Google executives have told employees that the Pixel Watch will be launched next year.

This watch will run Wear OS 3 by default to show the latest software capabilities for Google smartwatches to the company’s customers and partners. Of course, this operating system is also used in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch, but Samsung has changed its appearance with its One UI user interface, so you can still expect Google’s smartwatch to be introduced with new and exclusive features.

According to the art renderings published by the source of this report, as well as the statements of the employees who have observed this product closely, the Pixel Watch will use a circular display and is said to have no physical frame. Now imagine how attractive a frameless smartwatch would be. Although we are talking about art renderings here, experience has shown that in many cases, these types of renderings are very similar to the final products.

Not surprisingly, the Pixel Watch will be a measure of health and fitness. Apparently, Google has decided to focus more seriously on making this watch, so that the company even allows employees outside its smartwatch team to review this product and provide feedback on it. One of the Pixel Watch review feedback sessions was held in November, which is kind of important.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It’s a clever move for Google to test Wear OS 3 on Samsung products before it enters the smartwatch market.

It is clear that Rohan will not be a health device. Google bought Fitbit last year, and the deal closed in January. Fitbit announced at the time that it was finally planning to build new smartwatches with Wear OS, but no further details have been released.

After Google bought Fitbit, we saw the brand added to Google’s devices and services, and the search giant recently merged its wearable product team with Fitbit. Of course, we have already seen the integration of some Fitbit features with Wear OS, because some of the features of Fitbit have been added to Google’s wearable operating system, and this combination may begin with the introduction of Rohan.

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Rohan will offer features such as heart rate monitor and pedometer, and users will probably have to charge it every day. According to one of the employees who tested the device, the charging speed of the Pixel Watch is apparently a bit slow. Like the Apple Watch, this watch will use a dedicated charging method because the market for dedicated chargers is so volatile that it cannot be achieved by offering standard charging methods.

If Rohan successfully completes the last trial period, the first product of the Pixel Watch series will probably be introduced next spring. It looks like Rohan will hit the market to compete with the Apple Watch, and will be at least as durable as Apple’s smartwatch. If this report is true, the price of Rohan will definitely be higher than the products of the Fitbit series. And given that the Sense retails for $ 299, we expect the Pixel Watch to be available for at least $ 349.

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