The Google map problem has been fixed for Iranian users

At the end of April, Iranian users reported a problem in using Google Maps. Displaying error 403 for users with Iran IP was a sign that the map display was blocked for these users. Even on foreign websites that used Google Maps, the map was not displayed for users with Iranian IP addresses.

Of course, it was found that this problem is not new and some users reported that it is not possible to use the Google Map embed on the site since December of last year. Many sites raised this issue as a new ban from Google.

After Milad Nouri, a technology expert, announced this problem on Twitter at the end of April, one of the Iranian Google employees announced in the comments that he would follow up on it. As a result of this follow-up, the Google Map API service problem was fixed, although Iman Rahmatizadeh informed that it will take some time to completely fix the problem on all servers.

Banning of Iranian services by Google Map is not unprecedented. Earlier in 2017, Google cut off the API connection of its map service for those Iranian sites that used the ir domain. At that time, the error check for Google Maps access on the developer page was accompanied by the following explanation: “The website or application in question has been blocked due to non-compliance with Google Maps rules.” And as a result, the map was not loaded on the site.

At that time, there was still no high-quality native alternative to this service, and the blocking of ir domains caused serious problems for map-based businesses, especially smaller startups.

Sanctions in the field of technology are not a new issue for Iranian users. However, since October of last year, when the US Treasury Department allowed the lifting of Iran’s internet sanctions due to facilitating the free flow of information, Iranian users did not expect new sanctions; Why so In January, the Ministry of Treasury specified the details of the lifting of sanctions and gave permission for American companies to make various services and software, including web maps, available to Iranian users.

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