The gas is cut off, the houses are cold, life is closed

The head of Mashhad Household Appliances Sellers Union announced to ISNA this morning that electric heaters do not have much domestic consumption and are mostly exported to Afghanistan and Iraq, but due to the cold and reduced gas consumption, the purchase of electric heaters has increased. It is not only about the reception of the people of Mashhad, many people buy for other cities. Images of people queuing for gas canisters have been published on social networks, and people have written about the coldness of their homes in areas where gas has been cut off.

Gas cut so far in Kashmer, Neishabur and Sabzevar for at least 16 thousand subscribers, in Bardskan and Torbat Jam for at least 6 thousand subscribers, in five areas in Gorgan, areas of Khaf and Taibad and also for all except household subscribers and Treatment and relief have been reported in Gonabad. The governor of Taibad announced that the exact time of gas connection is not known. In this city, some people who used cooking flames because of the cold have been sent to the hospital. CNG stations have been closed in some northern provinces. Many cities also have a drop in gas pressure, and in Mashhad, due to the drop in gas pressure, the heating devices are not able to respond to minus 17 degrees.

Gas supply to the domestic sector is a priority, as a result, the government’s first solution was to close government centers and offices. The government centers of 21 provinces and schools are either closed or semi-closed by the decision of the governors, so that there is no problem with supplying domestic gas in the rest of the cities and villages. Just today, the CEO of North Khorasan Gas Company announced that the gas of five thousand non-essential businesses has been cut off in order to manage gas consumption.

Many industries, factories and production units have been closed, their working hours have been reduced or they have been forced to use liquid fuel. “Market Analysis” in a report about the economic consequences of gas interruption, wrote about industrialists’ dissatisfaction with energy distribution and pointed to Article 25 of the law, according to which whenever the government cuts off the flow of gas to private and cooperative production and agricultural units, it is obliged to compensate for the damages. determine and announce Shahroud Cement Company, which has been facing electricity restrictions for three months in the summer and a gas cut since November, said that the situation is alarming since the beginning of December and there is a possibility of a decrease in profits and unemployment of some of the personnel. Shiraz Petrochemical Company has taken part of the production units out of service since Friday. In Khorasan Razavi Province, there was news of the loss of sheep in a livestock farm due to the cold weather, and owners of livestock farms and poultry farms in other cities are also worried.

However, the complete shutdown of the capital city probably shows that the authorities have no choice but to shut down. Everyone says that subscribers should cooperate by saving gas so that other subscribers’ gas is not cut off. For example, the governor of Lorestan said that although there is no gas shortage problem in this province, he criticized the average consumption of the people and said that they should think about other provinces.

The common 95 gas of East Azerbaijan has been cut off due to high consumption in a situation where there is a possibility of gas pressure drop.

In some areas, it has been announced that centers and offices can be open until the end of the week without connecting to the gas network and only using secondary fuel. Even in one of the cities of Razavi Khorasan, it has been announced that the bakeries can only bake in one shift from 9 to 14 until the end of the week, and they must provide the necessary conditions for using alternative fuel, i.e. liquid gas, kerosene, or diesel in case of a gas cut.

The CEO of Central Province Gas Company said about gas distribution, because gas is produced in the south, generally at the end of the lines like in the northern provinces, we face pressure reduction, so the duty of the central provinces is to save.

Yesterday, the governor of South Khorasan also announced that there is a possibility of gas cut due to a severe drop in pressure and people should be ready to get alternative fuel. According to him, South Khorasan is at the end of the gas transmission line, and if provinces like Razavi Khorasan have optimal consumption, the province’s gas will be secured. He announced that if the bakeries have problems, a mobile bakery will be installed.

The gas pressure drop has been alarmingly reported in North Khorasan, Razavi, South, Golestan and Semnan. That too in a country that has the second largest gas reserves in the world.

The critical situation of Khorasan Razavi today brought the Minister of Oil to the meeting of the Mashhad Energy Headquarters. He considered the stoppage of gas imports from Turkmenistan as the reason for the interruption and said that the import of Turkmenistan gas to Iran has been stopped since Thursday morning and the country has made all its efforts to supply gas. According to him, liquid gas has been provided to some parts of Razavi’s South Khorasan, and oil and gas heaters have been distributed among them. The CEO of Mazandaran Gas also announced the problem of importing gas from Turkmenistan and said that because of this, the possibility of gas supply disruption in this province is high.

Also, the governor of South Khorasan said that if gas is imported from Russia and Turkmenistan, the situation will return to normal. But at the same time, the officials say that Turkmenistan itself has faced a gas disruption, so there is probably no hope for imports in the short term, and if the electricity is not interrupted, the solution is to use an electric heater or an old valve lamp to pass this cold winter.

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