The Galaxy S23 series can receive power directly from the charger to reduce the temperature while playing games.

The Galaxy S23 series uses a function called Pause USB Power Delivery, which has been added to the settings of the Game Booster section. By activating this option, the phone stops charging from the battery and receives power directly from the charger, in other words bypassing the battery. This action helps to maintain the health of the battery and keep the device cool.

to report Techstop, you don’t need a special charge to use the Pause USB Power Delivery feature on the Galaxy S23 series. This feature prevents the phone from overheating during heavy and long-term use such as playing games. In normal mode, the phone uses the battery to supply the required energy to parts such as the processor, and on the other hand, it transfers the power from the charger to the battery, which will cause the device to heat up, but with the feature of bypassing the battery in Samsung’s new flagships, this function will be more efficient.

Although Pause USB Power Delivery is said to be available in all Galaxy S23 series models, some users report that it cannot be accessed on some devices. It is possible that this feature will be activated for all users in the near future through a software update.

Samsung did not mention the Pause USB Power Delivery feature at the Galaxy S23 series launch event, and it remains to be seen whether this feature will finally be available to all owners of these phones.

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