The former head of Google China introduces the global artificial intelligence competitor ChatGPT

Generative Linguistic Artificial Intelligence refers to systems that enable the production of human-like natural language text. These systems basically use deep neural learning networks and learn linguistic patterns and structures using huge textual data.

One popular approach to generative linguistic AI is to use large language models such as the company’s GPT series It is OpenAI. These models are trained on a very large amount of textual data; For this reason, it can produce high-quality texts, texts that in most cases cannot be identified from human writings.

Li Kaifu, the famous Chinese investor and former head of Google’s China unit, has announced the establishment of a new artificial intelligence company called Project AI 2.0. Unlike other similar ventures, he is trying to launch a global company that aims to build artificial intelligence platforms and productivity applications.

Li Kaifu emphasized by publishing an announcement that the result of his company’s work is only the Chinese version It will not be ChatGPT and will provide other functionality such as the ability to create graphics. Lee’s goal is to redefine the way users access and interact with interfaces through AI 2.0.

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