The first Xiaomi car supports Apple CarPlay

Xiaomi will launch its first electric car in 2024. The car, known as the MS11, has recently received SIG certification from the Bluetooth Technology Association, and more information about its features has become available.

The Xiaomi MS11 series electric car is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and USB Media capabilities, and interestingly, it also supports Apple CarPlay. Carplay offers the possibility of connecting the iPhone to the car monitor. With this method, users can view their phone applications through the car screen without having to hold it in their hands.

For example, when making a phone call, the car’s internal speaker and microphone can be used to manage the sound. Also, when the iPhone is connected through Carplay, the Siri voice assistant can also be used to work with it.

According to the leaked information, the Xiaomi car uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8295 processor, which is specially made for the car platform. This chip is expected to provide up to eight times better performance than the previous generation Snapdragon 8155. It is said that the first Xiaomi electric car will have a battery with a capacity of 101 kWh with support for fast charging.

Car Prices Xiaomi is estimated between 260,000 and 350,000 yuan (equivalent to 36,000 and 49,000 dollars). Probably, we are not far away from the unveiling of the first Xiaomi car.

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