The first step of the cyber space strategic document is to complete the national information network

In this document, some plans that were followed before will continue. According to the first major action of this document, the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of the country is in charge of completing and updating the national information network with the priority of providing basic services of cyberspace. The basic services from the point of view of this document are social messenger, search engine, operating system and data center services. The services that were already defined in line with the localization of virtual space and proceeded with the allocation of funds; But they did not spread.

In the cyber space strategic document, the government and governing bodies are the custodians, collaborators and approvers of the country’s cyber space plans and programs and have a decisive role in the policies. The Supreme Council and the National Cyberspace Center will play the biggest role in the major actions of this document.

In the perspective that the organizers of this document have drawn for Iran in 1410, Iran should be an inspiration in the Islamic world, a role player on the world stage, one of the top cyber powers and the first place in the provision of virtual space services in the West and Southwest Asia region. Also, reliable, safe, stable, integrated and extensive infrastructures have been seen across the country on the basis of the national information network and in connection with the global network of Horizon 1410.

The full text of this document, which was being written since 1400, was published on 12 September this year. The values ​​and vision section of this document was approved this June. The main goals of this document are in 26 cases and the main measures include 39 paragraphs.

The Ministry of Guidance will prepare the system of entertainment and games and free time in virtual space

In the first major goal of the document, which is mentioned in paragraph “C”, the consolidation and strengthening of governance, the exercise of sovereignty and national authority on all dimensions and layers of the country’s virtual space is mentioned, and the second paragraph is to promote the discourse of the Islamic Revolution and the deep strategic expansion of the system and the realization of civilization. Novin Islami is in virtual space. Achieving the cyber space power of the country at the global level and the first position of the cyber space power among the countries of the region and achieving the deterrence power of the cyber space at the international level are mentioned among the major goals. Also, this document has emphasized on regularizing access to private, public and big data, applying governance and protecting national data against unauthorized access and tampering.

According to this document, the Ministries of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, Education and Culture, Science, Research and Technology, Ministry of Interior, Communications and Information Technology, Foreign Affairs, Economic and Financial Affairs and the institutions of the Presidential Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellor, the National Center Cyberspace, Islamic Propaganda Organization, Secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council, Police Command, Judiciary, and Presidential Legal Assistant are responsible for their duties. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology must design the digital economy system to be approved by the Supreme Commission for the Regulation of Cyberspace.

Designing the legal system of cyberspace is the responsibility of the presidential legal office, and the judiciary is responsible for designing the legal system of cyberspace. The police command will design the cyberspace system in cooperation with the IRGC and the Ministry of Information, which will be approved by the country’s high cyberspace security commission. The system of entertainment and games and enriching free time in virtual space is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Guidance, which of course other ministries and organizations such as the Ministry of Interior, Communications, Education and Culture, Broadcasting and Islamic Propaganda Organization must cooperate with it.

In general, the Ministry of Guidance is in charge of the content system and content services of the virtual space, which are supported by other ministries and organizations along with the judiciary. According to this document, commercial advertisements and Islamic advertisements will be organized in the virtual space, the first one being the trustee of the Ministry of Guidance and the second one being the Islamic Propaganda Organization. In addition, political campaigns such as elections and campaigns will be organized by the Ministry of Interior. In the field of virtual education, in addition to the fact that the design of the virtual education system has been entrusted to the Ministry of Education and Research Sciences, an action called the Smart Education System has also been considered, which the Ministry of Education and the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution are in charge of.

In the meantime, the most responsible institution in this strategic document is the National Center for Cyberspace. The National Cyberspace Center is in charge of the comprehensive regulatory system, the cyberspace security system, the transformation plan of the National Cyberspace Center and the structural transformation of the country’s cyberspace governance system. The establishment of the cyber space media system and the preparation of requirements and measures related to the use of satellite systems in cyber space is the responsibility of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space. The establishment of a valid identity system and the organization and development of the Internet of Things along with the completion and updating of the national information network with the priority of providing basic services of virtual space such as social messengers, search engines, operating systems and data center services are among the duties of this council.

In addition to the tasks it has in designing some measures, this institution is responsible for the supervision and management of the country’s cyberspace measures, and the responsible institutions are obliged to submit the relevant action plan to the National Cyberspace Center for approval within two months with the help of partner institutions. This document has been published on September 8 to all relevant ministries and institutions for implementation and notification and in the national database of laws and regulations of the country.

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