The first SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch was carried out in 2023 with a secret cargo

SpaceX’s powerful Falcon Heavy rocket made its second launch in less than three months, and now has five successful flights in its history. This rocket took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday morning at 02:26 Iran time and launched a secret mission called USSF-67 for the United States Space Force.

Falcon Heavy consists of three modified first stages of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. These three interlocking stages have an upper stage that carries the cargo. The rocket’s two side boosters successfully returned to Earth eight minutes after launch and landed at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base near the Kennedy Space Center. This was the second landing for both of them.

The central booster of the USSF-67 mission rocket was a new launcher and will no longer have a chance to fly; Because shortly after liftoff, it was dumped in the Atlantic Ocean as planned. Meanwhile, the Falcon Heavy upper stage continued to carry its payloads into orbit; But not many pictures of his trip were published. At the request of the Space Force, SpaceX halted webcasting of the launch just after the boosters landed, and it was unclear when exactly the payloads were placed into orbit.

USSF-67’s main payload is a military communications relay satellite called Continuous Broadcast Amplifier Satcom 2 (CBAS-2), which is placed in geostationary orbit at an altitude of approximately 35,700 km above the Earth’s surface. Quoted from Space.comThe mission of CBAS-2 is to enhance the telecommunication capabilities of existing military satellites and continuously broadcast military data through space telecommunication relay links.

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