The first satellite phone call without the need for special hardware was made with the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The satellite call signals on the Galaxy S22 Ultra located in Texas first reached the BlueWalker 3 satellite and were then routed to another smartphone in Japan. An unspecified spectrum of the AT&T network was also used as an intermediary to establish this call, and therefore did not require the use of dedicated hardware. Two Galaxy S22 Ultra phones managed to exchange SIM card and network information through the BlueWalker 3 satellite. This means that users of any smartphone with the ability to connect to LTE networks can use the same method to make phone calls using the satellite connection method.

Thus, in the future, all smartphones can be expected to send messages, make phone calls, or even connect to the Internet without the need for expensive infrastructure. This solution can also connect to LTE networks Provide 5G to remote areas that are not covered by mobile networks.

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